With four children, life is a zoo, especially when we go on holiday.  My family love to travel but where to stay is always the hardest part of the trip. Wotazoo.com was born from my difficulties and frustration searching for quality accommodation for a family of six. Wotazoo.com is about providing the right accommodation for large families, property that offers space, privacy and comfort at an affordable rate. Each type of accommodation listed on wotazoo.com has been carefully chosen. Hotels are not included unless they offer villas or suites with 2-3 bedrooms and sleep at minimum 6 people.  The accommodation listed is either property I have personally stayed at or would use myself. I have also included an exclusive range of property for those wanting a luxurious five star holiday.

Over the years, my family and I have stayed in virtually every type of accommodation and some of them not so good. We have squeezed 6 people in one hotel room sneaking past reception, hoping they didn’t notice the baby, the toddler or extra child.

I have lost count of the number of times I have booked interconnecting rooms only to discover at check-in, that the rooms aren’t available.  Sometimes not even on the same floor.  Many times the interconnecting rooms only accommodate 3 people per room which means having to share a room with one child. 

Now that my children are older, it is no longer possible to sneak them in, especially my 6’2” teenage son. They are also too old to want to share a room with mum and dad.  Our perfect holiday is when the whole family gets a break.  The adults have privacy from the kids and the kids have space to enjoy themselves.

Wotazoo.com wants to provide the best advice on accommodation for large families but is dependent on you for feedback.  If you have stayed somewhere that is suitable for large families, I would love to hear about it.  Also if you have stayed in any of the properties I have listed, please leave a review.  This is the only way wotazoo.com can provide the best service possible. 

Remember large families do travel and have fun.  I hope that you continue to travel with your family and enjoy the wonderful experiences and exciting adventures along the way.  I wish you happy and safe travels.