Bali is an incredible place, one of the most special places on this planet.  It is also one of the best places in the world to take your children for a family holiday. 

The Balinese are beautiful and gentle. Their warmth, smiles and laughter are infectious. They seem to genuinely like tourists and they revere children. Children are embraced and made to feel extremely welcome. Wherever you go, you are greeted warmly even with a bunch of kids in tow.

Balinese culture is exotic, colourful and spiritual. It is a beautiful culture to expose children to. They will love watching a Balinese dance and music performance with its vibrant colours, creative costumes and captivating music. They will also enjoy visiting majestic temples and watching the rituals of the locals, giving thanks to their Gods with daily prayers and offerings.

The beaches are clean, safe and child friendly. The water is lovely and warm enabling the kids to spend hours frolicking in the sea. Young children can enjoy building sand castles and splashing along the shoreline. Older children can enjoy swimming, snorkelling and surfing.  Many beaches offer a range of water activities for the whole family to participate in such as banana boating, windsurfing, jet skiing. You can also hire sunbeds for a very reasonable price.  In the evening the local Balinese people bring their own families for a stroll by the sea creating a very family friendly environment.

Bali is one of the most scenic places in the world.  The beaches are of course stunning but once you go inland, you see the most spectacular scenery.  The lush rice fields in full bloom are an amazing sight as are the terraced rice fields. The tropical rainforest is incredibly lush and green. The children will enjoy taking trips inland to scenic sites such as the lush Monkey Forest in Ubud and the volcano, Mount Batur,

Balinese food is delicious. But it also provides a great opportunity to expose children to exotic cuisines.  A real hit with the kids are the banana pancakes from the street vendors. These pancakes are cooked fresh whilst you wait and are served piping hot with honey or sugar sprinkled liberally all over.

It is not just the Indonesian food which the family will love but the wide variety of international cuisine that is available. Bali offers fresh and tasty food from all across the globe. Even the fussiest eater will have plenty to choose from.

When you have children and in particular a large family, costs are a significant factor when planning a holiday.  Bali can offer a cost effective holiday in comparison to many other places around the world.

Flights – If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be able to get cheap flights to Bali, especially on a budget airline. 

Food - The cost of food is so low.  Eating out in restaurants/cafes/street vendors is surprisingly cheap as long as you choose your place carefully.  There are also many 7 elevens and supermarkets where you can buy groceries, snacks at a very low cost.  You can save a lot of money if you prepare meals yourself especially if you have a villa.

Transportation – Taxis are very cheap, reliable and widely available.  In addition, hiring a private car and driver is also very reasonably priced.  This can be a good option if you are travelling around the island or going to specific tourist sites. This is also a very easy, no fuss way to travel with children. 

Bali has a stunning array of property to suit every families' needs - from budget to five star hotels, resorts and villas.  The best property to choose for families is a villa, either in a resort complex or privately owned. 

The private villas can often provide the best value.  The villas are beautiful, luxurious, spacious and private. Many have a pool, ensuites in each bedroom, a cook, a housekeeper and a driver (which you will have to pay extra for).

Surprisingly, the cost of a villa is generally affordable and often much less than you would pay for 2 separate hotel rooms in other countries.  For large families like us who are always on a budget, it is pure luxury.  Bali enables you to have a luxurious family holiday but without the price. 

Next time you want to book a beach holiday and take the kids somewhere exotic, go to Bali.  You will love it, the kids will love it and you will have the holiday of a lifetime.