1. Five Star Hotel:

Provides luxurious accommodation in an opulent setting. The price is expensive but the service is excellent.  Dining options are plenty with a wide range of international cuisine on offer. Swimming pool, fitness facilities, bar, lounge available. Architecture and fittings are often majestic, lavish, impressive and splendid.


2. Four Star Hotel:

Can be a hit or miss.  A 4 star property can often be nearly as luxurious and comfortable as a 5 Star Hotel but with a lower price.  But don’t be fooled, it may not be as nice as you think it will be. Rooms may not be as comfortable and clean as you may expect for the price. Dining options will generally be plenty along with swimming pool, fitness facilities, bar, lounge.  Service can also be variable ranging from excellent to poor.  


3. Three Star Hotel:

Provides clean and basic accommodation in a comfortable setting.  Can be a hit and miss.  Some properties are set in beautiful grounds and have a lot of character.  Other properties are basic with no attempts to be anything other than that.  Price is much less than a 4 Star Hotel and can at times be better quality.  Dining facilites are often on offer  but swimming pool and gym may not be available.

4. Boutique Luxury Hotel:

Provides luxurious accommodation often in a beautiful setting and with much character. Service will tend to be greater than a hotel as they take pride in knowing their customers.  The price is not as expensive as a 5 Star Hotel but still very high.  Dining facilities most likely on offer but swimming pool and gym may or may not be available.

5. Boutique Budget Hotel:

Provides clean and basic rooms, sometimes with a lot of character. Service can be a hit and miss depending on the management of the hotel.  Price is average but not cheap.  Dining facilities most likely on offer but swimming pool or gym may or may not be available.

6. Bed and Breakfast/Guesthouse:

Provides clean rooms often in a beautiful setting.  Owners try to create a homely environment for guests where conversation and food are plenty.  Service is mostly excellent as the owners want you to feel at home in their property. Dining facilities are on offer but generally no swimming or gym. Price is very good but can be variable depending on reviews, location and time of year.